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Rules of the Scientific and Technical Library


The right to use the library is provided for students, postgraduate students, masters, professorial and teaching staff, employees of the structural units of the Academy, students of preparatory training center, students of lyceums, colleges that are included in agreement on cooperation and also for students, employees, specialists from other educational institutions, organizations and enterprises, etc.

Readers have the right to:
– receive for a temporary use scientific, educational, fiction, reference literature, publications on electronic media in reading rooms, subscription halls, and in affiliate libraries;
– use all types of reference and bibliographic services, other library services.

Educational literature is issued:
– in a subscription hall for a semester or other educational period in the amount that conforms the curriculum and depending on amount of the available editions;

Scientific literature is issued for:
– professorial and teaching staff in the amount of 10-15 copies for a term of 1 month with the right to extend not more than 2 month;
– students – up to 10 editions. Full-time studying students - for 15 days with the right to extend for 15 days, extramural students - for a month period with the right to extend for a month accordingly;
– other categories of readers – up to 5 copies for 15 days with the right to extend for 15 days up.

Fiction literature is issued:
– in the amount not more than 3 editions for 15 days with the right to extend for 15 days up.

Books of high demand, electronic and especially valuable materials are given to the user in the reading room.

To become registered in the Library, you must submit a student ticket or the preparatory department student document to the divisions of educational (building A, room 137/9) and scientific (A-Building, Room 137/8) literature.
After processing the documents a reader's ticket is issued and a user's form is filled out. Reader's ticket is the only document that allows any user to use the library`s services. Transferring the reader's ticket to other people is prohibited. In case if reader's ticket is lost - it does not relieve responsibility for all the literature taken under it. In that case user receives a duplicate (according to the pricelist of paid services).

Users are required to:
– treat carefully to the books and other materials taken from library funds;
– keep silence during the work in the reading rooms and other rooms of the library.

Users who have caused material losses to the library fund are responsible in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Users who have lost library books or caused irreparable damage should replace them with the same or equivalent item.

If there is no possibility to replace lost/damaged item, the user has to make a photocopy of this publication.

In case of loss of especially valuable publications, if the nominal value of the lost/damaged literature is significantly lower than the actual one, the method of calculation and its grade has to be determined by the library separately for each edition, depending on its value, or at prices specified by the catalogues-pricelists for the purchase and sale of out-of-print, antique, or other editions and conditions of applying those prices.

Cost of damaged/lost books and other materials is determined with the prices indicated in the library records, taking into account further indexation of the value of its funds.

Monetary compensation is established by the market prices, valid on the day of calculation.

Users, who have graduated from the Academy, before receiving a diploma, have to close debts in the library, sign a bypass sheet at all points of issuing the literature and return the reader's ticket.